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im outside of your window [entries|friends|calendar]

another day, another night, another year
another smile, another lie, another tear
this better not be all i got
i never thought i'd end up here

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new lj [Friday, May 20th at 7:22 pm]
i was getting rather sick of this lj so i got a new one its _savinggrace_
made for useless boys

[Monday, May 9th at 11:51 am]
im in history working on the cows hahhahaha
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[Saturday, May 7th at 10:23 am]
hello all so things arent much different i have experienced the joys of riding out a window lol or at least my head that is and im also going out with kiefer now i guess no not keefer as in keith benjamin but kiefer as in kiefer that goes to east lol well thats all thank you olivia for the amazing layout its wonderful i like it very much oh yah

hit up the cellular

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[Monday, May 2nd at 10:59 am]
oh wow how amazing i think olivia changed my stuff but im not sure who did oh well i love it and would like tot hank whoever did because its gorgeaous and magnificent
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gosh [Friday, April 22nd at 6:15 pm]
lets hit some main points.steve and i broke up. yeah im a little upset about it. i dont know why. i guess maybe i did kind of love him. well it was necassary i guess to brake up. i will be over it. i found out today that my mom is getting my belly button peirced for my birthday which is pretty cool cause that will be cool but i need to lose at least like 10 pounds first cause i weigh 125 which is to much for me. i think i am going to start running. that would be good for me and it would get me in shape. so that will be cool. and i got double peircings in my earlobe and i got my cartilage peirced. my dad is giving money for my birthday or just gunna take me to get a cell phone but he wants me to get pre-paid because it wil teach me responsibility i guess lol i dont know. well im tired of this already.
i got my new flip flops yesterday but i just got black ones again. i also got a new polka-dotted hulter top for this summer and the hot hot heat cd as well as the death cab for cutie cd. that about sums it up.

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[Wednesday, April 13th at 11:04 am]
well im back to useing live jorunal instead of greatest journal hmm im in language hangin out bein bored gosh i wanna punch cory in the face hes so effing annoying hes talking about korn lame! they suck well gotta go bye bye kiddies

</3jennifer big & tall
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[Saturday, April 9th at 10:33 am]
well i decided that im way sick to the max of live journal so i have a greatest journal lol they are like that same lol oh well well my greatest journal name is _theacademyis_
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mistake mistake!! [Tuesday, April 5th at 4:26 pm]
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new live journal [Tuesday, April 5th at 3:38 pm]
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there are many things that i would like to say to you but i dont know how [Thursday, March 31st at 4:26 pm]
[ mood | numb ]

so yeah im chillaxin at the letourneau's once again haha yeah i always am but oh well hum dee doo brittanys arms are stuck in the chair i should help mher get out of that little situation but im not going to cause im to lazy haha hmm yeah so im going to brittanys cousins wedding saturday and we are gunna party it up but then i have to work on sunday at 8 till lke 11:15 which is a waste of my effing time but oh well money is money i will be tired as all hell though eh oh darn maybe ifj im lucky they will stick me on back booth again it is fun back there time flys when your hangin in back with the grill kidders haha eh im super tired taking orders is easy to i have a headache brittany should get me an ibeuprofen hahah yay she got me one lol im weird but ahh i talked to brad lol im such a loser i would really like to get to know him even though he prolly wouldnt wantj to lol oh well bye

</3jennifer lala friends only bitches blue raspberry

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the abb-ster has landed [Saturday, March 26th at 7:07 pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

so abby got her and then we went and jumped on the tramp-o-line in the dark and i couldnt take a picture haha cause im dumb then we ate easter cakes then we swang on the swing in the mud then abby threw an easter cake at the dog lol it was hillarious then we sat on the computer and i got called hott then i hung up on my boyfriend after apologized for ignoring me and then abby wouldnt let me use the delete button which im not alloud to again so excuse my errors please good day bitches

</3jennifer little giant

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urg!! [Friday, March 25th at 7:12 pm]
[ mood | calm ]

ahh i hate this i feel like me and steve are gunna brake up which really scares me because i really do love that boy i dont know why he can be as mean as he wants to me but i cant help but love him ahhhhhh i hate this and i feel like urg!

made for useless boys

bitches!! [Tuesday, March 15th at 1:50 pm]
hey kiddos yeah im in health clas again haha well yeah im making my l to the j friends to the only cause im sick of getting annonymous to the comments so leave me a mess to the age if you want me to add you as on of my friends!!

strawberry kiwi
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[Monday, March 14th at 1:50 pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

so im in health class being insulted by christopher because hes a fool!! hahaha bitches what! i have to do a health project on COCAINE!! awesome!! yes! what now!!

</3jennifer tuna fish

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The End of My Existence As We Know It. [Saturday, March 12th at 5:13 pm]
[ mood | blank ]

so last night i hear that peopole are talking about me behind my back at work right and so me and my mom got in a big arguement and stuff and now shes like oh blah blah blah im gunna be really mean about the decisions you want to make so we got in a big time arguement to the max and stuff and urg so i called my dad and he was all oh you can come out here but i dont want to lose steve so yeah because i love steve way to much to lose him but yeah im to lazy to type the rest bye guys gunna go cry to brittany

i love you steve


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